Thanksgiving Craft: 2X4 Pumpkin Craft

This craft could be used in September, October and November as a decorations.  It is inexpensive an pretty easy to do.  Just cut your 2x4 to the desired length.  I made a few of them and they were all different lengths.  Lightly sand the wood.  Find a stick and cut it to the desired length.  Using a drill and a drill bit the same circumference as the stick drill a shallow hole into the top middle part of the block. With a foam brush lightly paint the whole block orange.  Just paint a thin layer it is also okay if the paint is not even.  I did not put a lot of pain on my brush.  Let paint dry then sand it.  There will be parts that are painted and parts that will be bare wood.  Now, get some red paint on the brush and lightly pain it on. I did not paint it every where and it was a thin layer.  After this layer dries, sand again.  Last layer is going to be wood stain.  Apply the stain to the whole block and wipe off.  Allow to dry.  Put some hot glue or wood glue into the hole at the top of the block and insert your stick.  Allow to dry.  Tie some raffia around the stick/stem.  Then tie a bow out of either fabric or ribbon and hot glue it on.  Embellish your block.  I used a some meshy wirey ribbon and a silk flower that I had distressed with ink.  Add a button in the middle of the flower.  Spray the whole thing with clear coat and your done!

***Remember to always wear protective eye wear and follow safety rules when using power tools***

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  1. Your faux finish on this is awesome. I always struggle with the layered painting technique. This is perfection!


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