November Sharing Time 2013 Week 4: We should thank Heavenly Father for all of our blessings.

Begin the sharing time by showing the children a gift that you have been given. I would probably show a porcelain doll that my grandma had given me.  Explain to the children that when you received the gift that you showed appreciation by saying, "thank you".  Discuss with the children other ways we can show that we are grateful for things.  Some ideas might be: Give hugs to the person, write a thank you note, etc.  Discuss who gives us all of the blessing we have?  Explain that our Heavenly Father has given us all things, he does this because he loves us.

Ask the children what is something they have received from their Heavenly Father?  Write what each child says on the feathers of the turkey.  Continue until all of the feathers say a blessing on them them. Some answers might be: Our bodies, our homes, our families, our food, the earth, water, clothes, the Gospel, the scriptures, the Holy Ghost, our grandparents, being members of the church, etc. Point out to the children that there are more blessings than we can count that we receive from our Heavenly Father.

Now that we have identified the blessings we have, how should we show our appreciation from those blessings?  Ask they children how we can show Heavenly Father we are thankful for the things he gives us?  Some answers might include: Say our prayers and thank him, be kind to others, be respectful, serve and love those around us, follow his commandments, etc.

Challenge the children to each day think about the many blessings their Heavenly Father has given them. To even pick out a few and express appreciation to Heavenly Father in prayer.  Have them to also express gratitude to Heavenly Father in other ways throughout the week.  When we recognize the many things we have in our lives and express appreciation we are happier people.  Follow-up with this challenge next week, to see how the kids did.

Bear your testimony on expressing thanks to Heavenly Father in all things.

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  1. Tip: the turkey is high enough resolution that he can be printed at a bigger size than an 8 1/2 x 11. Or you could print it at the smaller size and add some big paper feathers that you can write on. Hope this tip helps. Let me know if you have any questions.


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