Thanksgiving Turkey Wood Crafts

I made these turkeys years ago and love putting them up every Thanksgiving.  I am frequently asked how I come up with some of my ideas.  On this one in particular I had a black and white clip art of a turkey, I blew it up to the size I would want to make the wood turkey.  I then decided how I wanted to layer it.  I also, before hand made some modifications, such as adding a hat to the pilgrim turkey and having the Indian turkey without a hat. My husband cut out these pieces for me (With most of my first crafts he always cut out my wood, he has this fear that I am going to injure myself.  I don't know why he fears that.  I was one of they few girls in high school who took wood shop class, so I feel I am capable).  My husband added the little platforms so the turkey would be able to stand. I loved painting it and giving each of them some character.  I do not have a pattern right now since I did these so long ago.  So, here is a tip: Look through your coloring books and clip art to find some ideas of what you would like to create into a craft.

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