Random Acts of Kindness Pass Along Cards: Great for Schools and PTSA Groups to Promote Kindness and Unity

 Random Acts of Kindness Pass Along Cards: Kindness Activity for School,

For the past 5 years I have been an advisor to the PTSA student representatives at our local junior high school. With that, each month we try to come up with something fun for the students to do. A few years back we did these RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) pass along cards. We did them both at the junior high school as well as at the junior high school for Unity day. They were a HUGE success!! The kids at both schools loved doing it. It was such a hit that I had advisors from other schools who had heard about it, asking my for the idea and printable.

I think that there we can never encourage kindness enough! It is always something we need more of, especially in the schools. My heart breaks when I hear of or even see for myself, kids being unkind. Sometimes, I don't even think it is intentional, and yet sometimes it is very intentional. I wish that they could truly see what an effect they have on others, either for the good, or for the bad. 

So, I'm finally getting around to sharing the RAK pass along cards on here. Sometimes, I create things for school or church and get busy and don't get them posted. Here is a little bit about what we did:

We printed around 100 of the cards out onto card stock, this one was on yellow card stock, others were on orange. Then we laminated them. We gave the cards to the PTSA Student Representatives. We asked them to initial the back of the cards when they did something nice for someone else at the school. Then they were to give that card to that person and ask them to pay it forward and tell them to initial the back of the card and give it to the person they did something nice for. We added to the bottom of our cards, that who ever had the card at the end of the day, to bring it to the counseling office and place it in the Unity container. We wanted to see how many times the cards got passed around and how many acts of kindness were done at the school. I can't remember off of the top of my head how many, but it was a lot. Enough that when we reflected on the activity that the kids said that they loved it. 

Here is the free download of the Random Acts of Kindness Pass Along Cards:

This download is a google doc. It's one that you can click on and save or copy and edit (in photo editing software) if  you would like to put on the bottom, where to hand it in. Or you could always add something to the back of the cards as well.

Here is the pdf download. This one works best if you are downloading and printing from a phone or tablet:

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