A Fun Ministering or Neighbor Gift, Christmas Can of Nuts Gnomes Tutorial and Free Gift Tag Printable

 A Fun Ministering or Neighbor Gift, Christmas Can of Nuts Gnomes,

Every year I try to come up with something fun to give my ministering sister and neighbors for Christmas. Last year it was the Root beer Reindeer and the cookie mixes. This year, I really wanted to do gnomes. So with that in mind, I went to the store to find a container that would be my base. These ones are done our of a can of peanuts. But you could use a can of hot cocoa mix, or another nut mix. Then I knew I was probably going to use yarn for the beard. So, I went down the yarn isle. I found this faux fur yarn and immediately knew that, it was what I was going to use!! I wanted to find some wooden balls or knobs, but there were none in the store, so I knew I was just going to have to figure something out.

So, yesterday, I decided to dive into making them. I gathered all of my supplies:

- Can of Nuts or Hot Cocoa
- Felt Sheets (you can make two gnomes out of one sheet)
- White copy paper
- Paper cover and scissors
- Tape
- Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
- Yarn, Faux Fur Yarn or Pieces of Faux Fur
- Stuffing
- Something to make the hat out of (I used the arms of a fleece sweatshirt)
- Yarn for the pompom
- Nylon stocking
- Thread and Needle

I first measured my can to see how much felt and paper I needed to use. My can measured 4 1/4 inches by 13 inches. So I cut my copy paper 4 1/4 by 11. My felt I cut, 4 1/4 by the width of the felt which mine was 8 3/4. 

I also cut a piece of cardboard from a fruit snack box that measured 4 1/4 by 8. 

Start wrapping the faux yarn around the card board. Wrap it the whole length of the cardboard. Then cut the yarn from the spool. 

You will then cut along the bottom of the yarn. So it cuts the yarn into pieces. In counting mine, I used 14 pieces of yarn. 

Now, you will start to glue the pieces of yarn onto the felt. You will start by folding the yarn in half then where you have folded it, you will glue that to the top of the felt. You will only glue at the top, the bottom will remain loose. 

When all of the pieces have been glued on it should look something similar to this. 

Next you will need to tape the paper you have cut onto the can of nuts. It will not go all of the way around, because the paper measures 11 inches and the can measures 13 inches. But that is okay, because the felt beard will cover the other part. 

Then, you will hot glue on the felt that has all of the yarn on it. I start in the center (where there is no paper covering the can). I just glued the top of the felt to the can. Then down the sides at the end, so the ends weren't flapping.

Now it is time for the hat. I decided to use the arms of a shirt. It was a fleece sweatshirt. I cut it off at the shoulder hole and then I just off the wrist cuff. It measured around 14 inches in length and measuring the hole, which will go around the can lid. It measure about 14 1/2 inches. 

This part is super easy... Turn it inside out.

Next, you are just going to wrap an elastic hair tie around the end of the top of the hat.

Then on the other end, you will turn down and hot glue the whole way around, creating a hem.

As you see, using the sleeve of a shirt, makes it so easy!! There is not sewing. Turn it back to the right side. You will see the bottom hemmed and the top is no longer open. 

Add a little bit of batting to the top of the lid.

Now, place the hat onto the gnome. If you'd like you can make it so there looks like there is a cuff, by just tucking some of the hat in. I like to bend the top over, so I can place the pompom on the end.

Okay, now it is time to make the pompom. I really liked this yarn, I thought it complimented the color on the beard. You will need to cut another piece of card board, this one was about 2 by 4 inches.

You will wrap your yarn around the card board, several times. I didn't count, but it was a lot. 

I wanted my pompom a little loose or wirey looking. So I just tied mine on the one end. To do this I just slid a piece of yarn through the one side of the card board and then knotted that yarn.

I didn't take a picture of it, but you will turn this over and you will cut the yarn on the other side. So opposite of where you knotted the yarn.

As you see this is a very loose pompom and this one has been trimmed. You just use scissors to trim it. 

Next, you will glue the pompom onto the end of the hat. I just used the hot glue gun to do this, applying the hot glue onto the hat and then sticking the pompom onto the hat.

Now, it is time for the nose. If you can find a wooden nose, then you can use that. But, I decided to use what I had. I went down into my craft room and looked through my drawers to see what I had. I found this little clear container that had these little nylon stocking socks in it. I'm sure at one time I probably picked them up at the dollar store for a buck, or maybe Walmart, I can't remember. But, I thought, that they would be great to use! So I cut the toe off and then cut off a piece. I didn't even measure it, so sorry, I'm not sure how long. 

I then, rounded it with the scissors. It still being the two layers of the stocking thick. (You could also just use some fabric). 

Knotting the end of the thread, I started to weave the needle in and out, gathering the fabric together. 

Once it is completely gathered, then I inserted a cotton ball into the gathered fabric. Then I pulled both strings and knotted them, forming the nose.

Here's the completed nose. I think that it turned out pretty good. 

Lastly, you will glue the nose onto the gnome. I put the hot glue onto the nose and then press it into the top and of the beard area. There you have it a fun and cute gnome, that serves two purposes! It can be a decoration, but it is also a yummy treat!

I've also, made some gift tags to go with the gnomes. 

These tags are double sided. So you will print the Gnomes on the one side and the saying on the other side. To do this you will first print the gnome/front side onto card stock. Then you will take that paper and insert it into the printer so it will print on the back side of these gnome tags. Then you will use the saying/back side free printable to print. Click the Free download buttons below. 

Front side Gnome Gift Tags

Back side Gnome Saying

Hopefully, you've found this post useful and you will be able to share these fun gnomes with your family and friends!! Make sure you are following us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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