Come, Follow Me 2021 Doctrine and Covenants 98–101 Resources and Insights

 Come, Follow Me 2021 Doctrine and Covenants 98–101 Resources and Insights,

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Last week, we talked about the temple, how the Lord can be with us everyday and how sometimes He chastens us, because he loves us.

This week, we will be discussing how even in our trials we can find comfort and even rejoice as we pour out our hearts in gratitude. We also discuss how our trials can shape us into who God needs us to be. That we can find peace in the Savior and that there is safety in following the Lord's counsel.

Throughout this blog post you will find images I create daily, which I am offering as free printables. As well as insights and links to resources to help with individual, family and even class room study. Remember to check back throughout the week as more printables and resources are added daily.

Day 1:

What better advice could the prophet, Joseph Smith give to those early church members, going through awful persecution? Or even to us, for the trials we are experiencing.

It breaks my heart and is upsetting to me to hear about the persecution the Saints faced. So much hatred was targeted on them. Not only the persecution but the hardships and trials of life as well, might have been almost unbearable.

I love that this section, opens with these words, “Verily I say unto you my friends, fear not, let your hearts be comforted; yea, rejoice evermore, and in everything give thanks” (D&C 98:1)

I have found that gratitude can be healing. It can help us to find joy and appreciation in the things we do have. Which can soften the blow of the trials we face.

We just got back from spending the weekend with my hubby’s side of the family. We joke that in the past 3 months somebody must have jinxed our family. It started with our brother in law breaking his heel & ankle, then a month later my hubby breaking and bruising his heels, then that same day his grandma broke her arm, then just over a month later, his mom broke her ankle and hurt her other one, then our niece broke her elbow, all of this added to existing trials. Through it all I have seen each of us focus on being grateful. Grateful that things weren’t worse, grateful for the Lord’s hand and tender mercies, grateful for family and help. There are SO many things we can be grateful for, even in situations that are not ideal.

The biggest blessing that always gets me through my trials in my Savior and His gospel. I feel like just having that blessing, trumps any trial. Because I know that our Savior lives, I know that our trials are but for a moment & that are Savior can comfort us and strengthen us!

If you find yourself having a bad day, just stop and think of at least one thing you are grateful for. My guess is that as you think of one thing, more things will come to your mind ♥️

Day 2:

Think for a minute, what has helped you get through hardships in your life? We all have things that just don’t go according to our plans.

For me, what has helped, is having faith and trust in my Savior and in the Father’s eternal plan of happiness. I’ve had times where I have had to completely turn it over to the Savior. When the hardship was almost too much to bear, that I literally and faithfully gave it to Him. It is in those moments my testimony of the Savior has been solidified. I can say that I know He loves us, because I have felt of that tender love. I can say that He can completely comfort us and give us peace, because I have felt that comfort and peace that only He can give. And I can say that I know that He can strengthen us, giving us just what we need to press on, because I have been given that strength.

I love my Savior so much and I am so grateful for Him!!

Sometimes things don’t go according to our plans, but we can try to learn from them, we can try to grow, we can try to see how our trials might help us to better serve others, and notice how our trials fit into God’s plan for us? I know that my trials have made me more empathetic towards others, they have helped me to be more patient and understanding. Greatest of all they have helped me to strengthen my relationship with my Savior ♥️

Here’s the talk where I found the quote:

Day 3:

You know as a parent I would love to shield my children from any trials. I don’t think any of us are begging for trials, for ourselves or for those we love.

But let’s face it, trials are a part of life. No one is immune. Even those people you look at and you just think that they have a perfect, easy life. I bet you, that they have their own struggles that they are going through.

The key is, that we grow through our hardships, that we turn to the Savior, not away from Him. We allow that trial and what we’ve learned from it, to be used for God’s purposes.

I see my friend, who’s husband was killed at war, serve her community and even nation. As she spreads patriotism and share her story and insights.

I’ve seen my husband serve his mom and niece, having greater empathy for what they are going through, because of what he has gone through.

I truly do think that having faith and trust in the Savior is crucial. It helps us find peace and comfort in the hard times. Having the spirit with us is crucial as well! The spirit will prompt us as to how to use our experience from our trials for God’s purpose.

Here’s a great talk:

Day 4:

I love that Elder Holland used the words meek and courageous in the same sentence! Meekness is not weakness. Rather meekness means you are teachable, because you are humble. It means you have patience & long suffering.

Meekness is a Christlike attribute. It is one that is needed as we repent & it is needed as we forgive.

Tonight, as a family we talked about how sometimes our afflictions can be caused by others. When this happens, the Lord has taught us to not seek revenge. From experience I know that the greatest tool we have is forgiveness. Forgiveness frees us from anger and vengeance. It helps us to be able to find some sort of peace. At times it is very difficult & we have to turn it over to the Lord. It also does not mean we stay in a bad situation.

I do believe that we can find comfort in the Savior and peace as we strive to forgive and as we reconcile any bad feelings.

Here’s a great talk by Elder Holland:

Day 5:

I love this! As we serve the Lord and consecrate our time and efforts to Him. He will draw closer to our families.

It’s something that I take great comfort in as I serving in my callings.

I also feel like that when we consecrate our time to the Lord, the spirit is more prevalent in our lives. ♥️♥️

Here’s a great talk:

Day 6:

I believe that what the Lord wants from us is a willing heart! He knows that life is not easy. He knows that sometimes we are required to do hard things. I think that He really just wants us to trust in Him, have faith and be willing to do what is required of us.

The beautiful thing is that He is always right there with us, as we put our trust in Him!

I feel like sometimes we get lost in the craziness and business of just living life. It’s so important to just pause and remember. Why we are here. To remember our Heavenly Father and Savior and the profound love they have for us!! ♥️♥️

Here’s a great talk:

Great Podcasts/Youtube Videos that go with this week's discussion:

Here are some activities and lessons that could go with this week's study:

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