Why I LOVE Swiss Days & an AMAZING Giveaway!!

Why I LOVE Swiss Days & an AMAZING Giveaway!!

 One of my very most favorite things to do is to go to Swiss Days in Midway!! This year it is September 3rd-4th.  I try to never miss it, but this year we have a family vacation planned and I am so, so sad to miss it. What do I love about it, you ask? Well, what's not to love about it!! I love looking through all of the booths. There are so many creative people in this world and Swiss Day's is where you can find so many of them in one place.

I've even found some jewelry that I LOVE and a denim skirt, that I get more compliments on then anything else I own. PLUS!!! They have yummy food!! Pies, dinner, and my favorite caramel apples!!! My very most favorite is the apple pie flavored caramel apple. I've brought my kids before and we've done a family thing. I've gone with just me and my hubby for a nice little get away and I've gone with my mom for just a girl's day. 

So, let's now talk about the amazing artists who have booths at Swiss Days!!! 

I have art from several of these artists. Two that I have hanging in my home. Here's the art pieces, so you can see how beautiful they are.

This beautiful picture was one that I really wanted for my son's room, it is by Yongsung Kim and is titled Calm and Stars. I love that our Savior created this beautiful earth for us. He is our light, the one we follow.

This beautiful painting hangs above my bed. What I loved about it is that the Savior is always beckoning to us to come to Him. This beautiful picture is Come and See by Scott Sumner.

The fun thing about Swiss Days is that the artist are there in their booths! Check out the map above to find them. The other artist I really love and was able to listen to speak is Liz Lemon Swindle!

The best part and why you've probably came to this page is to enter the GIVEAWAY!!! Let's just say it is a BIG ONE!!! Click the image below to fill out the form to enter the giveaway!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a fun time at Swiss Days!!

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