Spiritual Goal, A Year of Coming Unto Christ by Developing Christlike Attributes: August is Diligence

 Spiritual Goal, A Year of Coming Unto Christ by Developing Christlike Attributes: August is Diligence,

In January, I had this thought that I wanted to come more unto the Savior. So I decided to start focusing on His attributes. Each month there will be a Christlike attribute focus. We focused on Faith in Christ for JanuaryHope in FebruaryCharity and Love in MarchVirtue in April, Knowledge in May and Patience in June.  I love being more intentional in striving to be more like my Savior. You could do this individually. Or  you could invite your Relief Society Sisters, Ministering sisters, friends or Young Women to engage in the study and development as well.

 Here is the schedule for the year:

Diligence, what a great attribute to study and ponder on as the kids are going back to school and as we think about how we might more diligently participate in the work of the Lord. This past month, that attribute we studied was patience. I can not think of a better attribute for that month for me. My husband mid-month took a fall off of a ladder onto concrete and broke his heels. Let's just say I have really had to better develop and lean upon patience this past month, and will have to continue to do so throughout his recovery process. I know that our Heavenly Father is very mindful of us and will help us as we strive to develop these attributes.

In Preach My Gospel, diligence is defined as, “Diligence is steady, consistent, earnest, and energetic effort in doing the Lord’s work” (Preach My Gospel [2004], 121).  It is not giving up, it is being filled with determination. There is many instances when we can focus on being diligent in our life. Whether it be, being diligent in our scripture study, being diligent in creating a home where the spirit can dwell, in raising, teaching and strengthen our children, in strengthening our marriages, in being an engaged ministering sister, in fulfilling our callings, in being a good neighbor, in serving, etc. The list can go on and on. There is so much good we can do in this world. 

The great thing about diligence, is that as we are diligent, the Lord will magnify our efforts. Isn't that just wonderful!!! 

Here are some resources to aid in you study and development of the Christlike attribute, diligence:

Here's also the link to the Preach My Gospel, scroll down to Diligence for some insights and scriptures.

Here is the worksheet to help with your study this month. Click on the free download button below to download and print:

Here's a quote that goes with this month's attribute of diligence. We are encouraged to not be slothful, which means that we go about our day and work with diligence. Slothfulness might be the easier route, but the diligently working always brings about greater blessings.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences with developing this attribute. Send me an email or message me on  Instagram or Facebook.

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