Spiritual Goal, A Year of Coming Unto Christ by Developing Christlike Attributes: March is Charity and Love

 Spiritual Goal, A Year of Coming Unto Christ by Developing Christlike Attributes: March is Charity and Love,

In January, I started the year of coming unto Christ by developing His attributes. We focused on Faith in Christ for January and Hope in February.  I loved being for intention in striving to be more like my Savior. 

Here is the schedule for the year:

I was so excited when I looked and saw the Christlike attribute for March would be Charity and love, I was secretly hoping it would be. Why, you ask? Because April 4th, is Easter and with Easter comes a time to remember the greatest show of love, our Savior's atonement. I was hoping that March would be focused on Love and Charity, so that it would help me prepare for Easter. 

In the Gospel Topics for Charity it states, 
"Charity is the pure love of Christ. It is the love that Christ has for the children of men and that the children of men should have for one another. It is the highest, noblest, and strongest kind of love and the most joyous to the soul (see 1 Nephi 11:23)."

Here are some talks that I am planning on studying throughout this month:

Preach My Gospel scroll down to Charity & Love, it give some scriptures

Kindness, Charity, and Love - Church of Jesus Christ By President Monson

Here is the worksheet to help with your study. Click on the free download button below to download and print:

I also have this digital water coloring painting I did of the Savior and His atonement. Click the this link to download and print it: The Greatest Love  Who is someone you could give it to? There is also one, without the wording & just the painting, it can be found at the same link.

Thank you for stopping by!! I hope that you will enjoy studying these Christlike attributes and that they will bring more joy into your life. Please take a minute and make sure you are following us on  InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.

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