Cute and Simple Happy Birthday Tags A Great Addition to Any Gift

 Cute and Simple Happy Birthday Tags A Great Addition to Any Gift,

I've always loved birthdays!! I remember as a child and youth my mom always made it our special day! She'd usually make us our favorite meal and often make as a fun cake. I love being able to celebrate people on their special day!

My mom's birthday was this week. We will be having a family party on Sunday, but I wanted to give her just a little something on her special day as well. So, I made these tags to attach to some yummy coconut flavored nuts. The great thing about these tags is that they can be used for a boy or a girl. You can print a whole page out at once, so you have them on hand when you need them. They are also so universal that they could be added to any gift!

These would be great to use for big groups as well, such as primaries, Relief Society or Young Womens. They'd also be great for ministering sisters or school teachers for their classes. Some fun cost effective ideas to add these to for big groups would be:

- Some sort of treat (a candy bar, a bag of candy, a bag of cookies, a bag of popcorn, a bag of crackers, etc)

- Pad of paper (There are always cute pads of paper at places like the dollar store, Walmart or Target)

- A can or bottle of pop or flavored water

- A picture of the temple of the Savior (These could be glued onto a wood block or framed in a dollar store frame. You could use one of my free printouts: Digital Art or Temple Blocks)

- A package of gum


I made these tags the size of that they can be punched out by a 2 1/2 inch hole punch. A trick to make sure it lines up is to turn your hole punch upside down, so you can see you paper through the hole. Align it and then press and punch in out.

Click the Free Download button below to print out the Happy Birthday Tags. Printing it out onto card stock works best! After you cut them out you can either tap them onto a gift, or staple them on or punch a little whole in the top and string some, ribbon, twine, tulle or jute through it so you can tie it onto the gift. 

Here are some other Birthday Ideas:

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