Everything Primary Leaders Need for Primary 2019: Resources and printables, New Testament

Check out these, Primary 2019 Resources: New Testament,

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Come, Follow Me—For Primary: New Testament 2019

First up, Binder covers!! I love that this year we will be studying the New Testament! There is a front Binder Cover and a back that has the lesson schedule.  Click the Free Download button below to print the pages.

Next, Bulletin Board ideas:

Line sides with yellow wrapping paper or yellow butcher paper. Find the banner and the posters below. Banner you can either tape to the string, or punch holes in the top and string onto string. Bakers twine would work great.  You could also add pictures of the Savior, instead of or with the circles with hearts.

To print click below:

PDF - 14x18.12

PDF- 14x18.12

More Printables:

Door Signs: These are fabulous, to help the children, parents and teacher know what classroom the kiddos are in! Click HERE to print. (To edit, click on the image in the download and copy and paste it into photo editing software like photoshop, canva, paint.net, or picmonkey)

Birthday Coupons: I love birthday tickets, because its a chance for the primary children to shake hands with the bishopric and get a little treat :) Click HERE to print either of the birthday printables. I've also added to the printable one that says gift instead of treat, in case you have something other then candy to give them. 

Another Birthday idea that the children really liked, was we had a birthday box. In their box was little toy trinkets and candy. When it was their birthday they got to come up and choose something out of the Birthday box.

This year would also be a great year to make visits to the primary children for their birthday. Here is a simple tag that could be attached to any little birthday gift.  You could also use them as cupcake toppers! Click here for printable.

Sunday Schedule: This paper keeps everyone on track. Place in each teachers and presidency member's binders. I have included a blank schedule, one with singing time first and one with lesson time first. UPDATE: I have had many state that they would like to have the scripture and talk first in the second session before the singing time, I have included that option in the printables as well. Choose which one best fits your primary.  Click HERE to print.

Conducting Sheet: I love conducting sheets!!! It helps you stay on task and know who is doing what. I have shared printables for if your primary is split Junior and Senior or if you have you primary combined. UPDATE: I have had many state that they would like to have the scripture and talk first in the second session before the singing time, I have included that option in the printables as well.  Click HERE to print.

PRIMARY REMINDERS!! This is one of my favorite ways to remind the primary children who have been asked to help in that first or last five minutes of primary. I also think that it is very important to have the secretary send a reminder text the Friday or Saturday before. Life gets crazy throughout the week, we could all use a friendly reminder! How to use them: Print them out onto normal copy paper. Cut them into strips. Fill in the blanks with the child's name, the scripture reference, the Article of Faith number, or the topic the talk needs to be on. Also fill out the date the child will be doing it.
Click here for the printable

Other Tips and Ideas!! I've been thinking with all of the new changes with some things that can help out a bit! I am all about keeping everyone informed. Below is a list of some ideas and tips for this year:

- With there being no time to share announcements, I was thinking what a great idea it would be for the secretary each week to send an text out to the teachers, with any announcements, as well as a reminder of what to be studying throughout the week.

- It would be ideal, if teachers would send out a text to the parent in their class, sharing any announcements that pertain to primary as well as a little recap of what was discussed in class and a reminder of what to study throughout the week.

- Don't forget the nursery! As a presidency check in on the nursery. Let your nursery leaders know that they a supported and appreciated. Get to know the nursery children! I loved going in their and taking roll. I would say the child's name and have them raise their hand and say, "Yay, (child's name) is here!"

- Coordinate with your music leader! Discuss now, what songs to have the children learn throughout the year for the Primary Sacrament Meeting Program.

If there is anything else, you'd like to see on here, please leave me a comment or send me an email.

Best wishes this year to your primary!! This topic is one of the most important things that they can understand, that they truly are daughter and sons of a loving Heavenly Father.

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  1. Wondering about the sunday schedule -senior schedule- why would you put all the talks/and scripture last? Most Primaries do this first thing when they come into the primary room. Is there a way to Edit this?

    1. Hey Susan, thanks for your comment! Sorry I have just now gotten back with you. I have included a printable with the talk and scripture first.

  2. I believe, with the new schedule, you don't open with a prayer but you close with one. It makes sense to put everything at the end of singing time. Timing will be critical.

  3. I would love singing time ideas! We don’t have a music leader in our ward primary. As the presidency we teach/review the songs. Any ideas for how to engage the children to learn songs through games, object lessons etc would be amazing! ❤️

    1. Thank you Jeni! I will be working on some ideas! Recently, I was called as our Stake primary music leader, so hopefully I be able to come with some ideas to share. Thanks!

  4. Hi Kim, we havent been able to edit the edit the lesson schedule for the binders and bulletin board. Would you please make it available?
    Thank you so much,

    1. Hey Diane,

      To edit: Each printable is a jpeg image, so to edit them you will just need to click on the image you would like to edit in the free download. Copy it or save it, then open it or paste it into photo editing software. There are free ones, I use paint.net which is a free program. From there you will be able to add text. I hope that makes sense.


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