5+ Amazing Gift Ideas for Young Women for 2016

~~~Here are my favorite gift ideas for the Young Women for 2016~~~

For our Young Women this year for Birthdays we are giving them these super cute necklaces!!

My friend Stacie from Dandilicious Earings makes and sells these super cute necklaces as well as the perfect earings, that are super cute and light weight. To check out the cute jewlery (any of which would make a cute yw bday gift) here is the link to her instagram page: Dandilicious_Earrings. If you are interested in ordering the necklaces you can send Stacie a text at spotokar13@msn.com.

Here is the cute Free PDF Download for the printable that goes with the necklaces or it could be used with anything really!!

2x4 Temple Block
We made these for an activity, but they would also be an amazing birthday or New Beginnings gift for the girls!!

Press Forward Temple Block (Free Downloads Several temple designs to choose from)

Lip Balm
I know that our Young Women would go crazy over these lip balm gifts!!

Want to brighten someones birthday, check out these "Happy Burst Day" printables!

Life's Journey to Perfection "Happy Burst Day" (Free Download)

Birthday Treat Cupcake

Life's Journey to Perfection (Free Download)

Tips: Place some paper towels in the bottom of the cup. Treats can either be placed in saran wrap or a baggie. You could also use a normal paper cup and cut it so it is shorter. If you have a container that is straight (like a nut can) you can use the printable to wrap around the container, for containers with a curve like cups you will want to just cut the wrap shorter and paste or tape it on (not wrap it around), like above.

For more Gift ideas check out my LDS Primary, YW, RS Gift Ideas Pinterest Board!!!


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