The Cutest New Year's Coloring Pages: A great way to keep kids entertained New Years Eve!

The Cutest New Year's Coloring Pages: A great way to keep kids entertained New Year's Eve!

Every year we throw a New Year's Eve party at or house! It's fun having a house full of kiddos, it's also nice to have something for those kiddos to do!! 

Something, that always seems to be a hit, when there are kids involved, is to offer coloring pages and a coloring contest!! It's great because it keeps them entertained for a minute too!

I have always loved coloring!! It didn't matter if I was in the family room with my family, at school or in my bedroom alone, I loved to color!! It's just relaxing and offers a place for creativity to come out! I also, loved seeing the beautiful finished product!

I'm offering these coloring pages for free! Hopefully, they will be useful as you celebrate ringing in the New Year!! The download for all of the Coloring Pages will be towards the end of this post.

What says, Happy New Year, better than party hats and confetti?!?  Oh how our kiddos like to make some noise to ring in the New Year! How about yours??

This one is for my middle kiddo! He loves the penguin, so of course I had to make a coloring page with him making so noise to bring in the New Year! 

Growing up, it was not a thing to stay up until midnight! My parents are early risers, so usually go to bed at a reasonable time.  Our kiddos love staying up and partying! We usually stay up way past midnight! How about you??

This one is for my youngest!! His school mascot is an owl, so of course the owl needs to welcome the New year too! 

We tried little firework poppers one year, which the kids absolutely loved doing! It does make quite a bit of mess and we have some visiting doggies who have came the past few years that don't love the noise. So we are just going to have to make due, with toasting to a wonderful New Year with some sparking apple cider!

I hope you guys love these coloring pages, as much as I loved creating them!! Thank you so much for visiting and for your support!! Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!!

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