Children and Youth Goal Setting Cards

Children and Youth Goal Setting Cards,

When it was announced what the new Children and Youth program would be, I was so excited!! I love that it is individualized and focused on each child and youth growing in a balanced way. I also love the focus on how the goals we make can help us grow to become more like our Savior. Yes, even our physical, social and intellectual goals.

We recently discussed this with our children. We read this scripture, "“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.” Luke 2:52 Then, we discussed with our children how even the Savior increased physically, intellectually and socially. 

I made these goal setting cards for my children that they could keep in their scriptures, since they haven't received their booklets yet. I thought they would be a simple resource for them to make and plan out their goals and follow through with them. 

They could be used a couple different ways. Use them as a full sheet or cut them apart and do one at a time. They are perfect size to use as a bookmark in their scriptures or use on a vision board. You could frame it and and use dry erase markers on the glass, as well. You could also, cut them out punch a whole at the top corner and attach a ring. 

I'm planning on joining in on the goal setting too! I've added the "Act" and "Reflect", so they can analyze how they are doing with their goals and how they can use what they have learned.

To view the whole Child and Youth Program, here is the link: Children and Youth

To Print Your Children and Youth Goal Setting Cards click the download button below. They are made so you can print them two sided.

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