Help Your Family and Class Members Stay on Track with These Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon Schedule Cards and Binder Covers

Help Your Family and Class Members Stay on Track with These Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon Schedule Cards and Binder Covers,

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Last year, I shared a study schedule card for the New Testament. It was such a huge hit! When we visited the wards in our stake, we gave each of the primary children. We told them that they could keep them in their scriptures or that they could place it where they could see it in their bedroom. I wanted to offer them again this year to go along with the Book of Mormon. I've also made binder covers, for the leaders and teachers. 

I really wanted the front of the card and binder cover to emphasize that as we study the Book of Mormon throughout the year, it will strengthen our testimonies of the Savior. It is another testament of Jesus Christ! I know my testimony of the Savior and knowledge of Him grows each time I study it.

I love that the study schedule is for everyone!! The primary children, youth and adults are all on the same schedule and they correlate with our home centered gospel learning. I love the Come, Follow Me program! Our family has been strengthened from studying together everyday! It has welcomed the spirit into our home, I believe that it has helped us grow closer together. I have loved seeing my children share their testimonies and teach each other.

There are many ways you can use these printables. You could use them in your home, with your family. You can give them to your class members and invite them to keep them in their scriptures. For us, for Christmas I gave each family member a Book of Mormon Journal edition, so we can take notes right in our Book of Mormons as we study together, I'm planning on each member having this study schedule card in their Book of Mormon, so they always know what we are studying.

If you are in the stake you can do as we did and give them to the primary children when you do visits. Or to the Young men or Young Women. It is also great for the Relief Society sisters! I've thought about giving them to my ministering sisters with a treat as I visit them for the New Year. The binder covers are great for if you are doing binders for your teachers. They would also be great for if you are doing study journals.

To print them out check out the download buttons below! I would suggest printing it on card stock. We are laminating all of ours, so they will last the whole year.

To Print Binder Covers click the download button below:

To Print the Study Schedule cards in color, great to handout to class members, click the download button below:

Because, if you are like our stake and have close to a thousand kiddos, printing in color can get expensive. I also created a black and white version. To print click the download button below:

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