Come, Follow Me Lesson: Like the Sun, the Son of God brings Light to The World

Come, Follow Me Lesson: Like the Sun, the Son of God brings Light to The World:

As I was doing personal study today, the idea came to me of how to teach my children this concept tonight as we study as a family. So, I thought I'd share it with you too :) This would be a great lesson for family, Primary, or Sunday School. Adapt it to whoever you are teaching or studying with.

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Show family or class members a picture of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Read the following about the Light of Christ, found in the Bible Dictionary, "Light of Christ" . Explain that in our scripture study this week we learn that, Jesus is the light of men. Read the following scripture as a family, John 1:4-9 and/or Joseph Smith Translation John 1:4-9.

Explain the following object lesson. Show your class or family a picture of the night. 
Ask the following question, What is missing in the night?  Discuss how the sun is missing in the night, making the night darkened. When the sun rises each morning is gives hope and brings light of a new day.

Show the class or family the Sun printable (see free download below). Beforehand cut out the rays of the sun (found on page two of the printables). On each ray of the sun is something the sun provides us with.  

Explain that like the sun, our Savior, the Son of God, gives us hope each day as well. Invite one of the family members or class members to place the ray with the word hope on it, onto the printable of the sun. Discuss as a family how the Savior gives us hope.  Discussion might include, that through him we can gain hope and comfort in our trials, that we can have hope that because of him, this mortal life is not the end. We can have hope that we can overcome sin.

Show the ray with the word light. Just as the sun gives light to the day, the Savior gives light to the world. Discuss as a family/class how the Savior gives light to the world. Discussion might include, He is our example. He has lit the path for us, so we can return to our Father in Heaven. He enlightens our minds to truth and the knowledge of spiritual things, bringing the light of the gospel into our lives.

Show the ray with the word warmth. The sun gives us warmth during the day, so does the Savior. Discuss as a family how we might feel the warmth of the Savior in our lives. Discussion might include, the warmth that comes from his comforting arms of love. Our Savior loves us, he understands every pain, every inadequacy, and sorrow we will ever feel! He is their to comfort us, bringing a warmth to our soul. 

Show the ray with the word peace. The sun drives out the darkness and brings peace of a new day to our lives. As does the Savior, the son of God! Discuss with your family/class how the Savior drives out the darkness and bring peace into our own lives. Discussion might include, that through the atonement, we can be forgiven of our sins and find peace in that forgiveness that the Savior offers us.

Show the ray with the word, joy. It is proven that the sun increases our feelings of happiness, or joy. The Savior brings joy into our lives through His light. Discuss as a family/class how the Savior brings joy into their lives. Discussion might include that joy comes as we follow Him. We know that His footsteps lead back to our Father and eternal life. Where true happiness and joy are found!

Show the ray with the word, strength.  Just as the sun strengthens each living things that it shines down upon, so does our Savior. Discuss as a family/class how the Savior gives us strength. Discussion might include, that the Savior strengthens us during our trials, he gives us strength to overcome sin and opposition. He gives us strength to press forward and endure. We can yoke ourselves to him!

Explain that the Savior is always there, even in are darkest night. We need to let his light in and shine upon us. How do we do this?? By keeping our covenants. By remembering Him and keeping His commandments. 

To conclude play "Lift Your Eyes" from the Youth Music Library.

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  1. I like your ideas. Like you, I sometimes get my ideas in the middle of the night. Last night I thought about my small solar powered light that I keep on the windowsill so it is always charged incase of power outage. Then I realized that we are like those solar lights, we can put off light only if we absorb it from the Sun (the Son of God). Some people think they are fine without the church or reading the scriptures, but without the charging of the Son, they soon fade out. My 7-8 year olds will love this idea, I think! (Plus, it is less work for me!) Thanks!

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