All You Need for 2017's LDS Primary Theme: Choose The Right

One of the busiest times of the year is getting everything ready for the new year! I have been there and know all that goes into getting things ready. Below, are some printables and tips and ideas to make things just a little bit easier.

Bulletin Board:

Many Primaries choose to have a bulletin board display for the year. Below are some posters that can help out in creating that display.

Themes Scripture Poster:

Part of Preparing for the New Year includes putting together binders for the Primary Teachers and Leaders. Below are some covers, as well as a list of other items that are often included in the binders:

Door Signs:

These are editable or you can print them out and write them by hand :) TIP: I would use a sheet protector and with masking tape or painters tape, tape it onto the door. Then place the door sign into it. It will protect and and can easily be switched out each year. 

Primary Presidency Binders (Items to include in binders):

(Included in the download: Binder Covers, Calendar, Conducting Sheets)

Binder Covers


(With Singing Time First)
Conducting Sheets (Note there are four options in the printable. There is an option with Junior in Sharing Time First, an option with Senior Primary in Sharing time First & There are some blank forms)

Conducting/Sharing Time Rotation Schedule
Class Lists with Contact information for Primary
Birthday List
Handbook 2:11
Info about Cub Scouting (for counselor over cub scouting)
Info about 11 year old Scouting (for Presidency member over 11 yr old scouting)
Faith in God Recording Sheets
Activity Days info (for counselor over Activity Days)
Music info (for presidency member over music)
Nursery Info (for presidency member over nursery) (Ideas from this site)
Baptism info
Info of who is Graduating

Primary Teach Binders:

Primary Schedule
Lesson Schedule
Class List with contact info and birthdays
Lesson Book
Pictures (preferably in sheet protectors)

Nursery Binders:

Nursery Schedule
Nursery Contact List
Nursery Manual
Additional items convenient for Nursery

Other Items for Primary:

Birthdays (Coming Soon)

Spotlights (coming soon)

Primary Program (coming towards mid-end of year)


Thank you so much for visiting this page! I hope that you found something on here to help make your calling a little easier! If there is something you think would be useful for 2017 leave a comment or send me an email. Visit my Pinterest Page and Instagram page for more ideas throughout the year! Best wishes for your primary throughout 2017!!!


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