Great to Be Eight Ideas and Printables

I am a big advocate of having a Baptism Preview or "Great to Be Eight".  It is a great way to get the kids excited about their baptism and to help inform them and their parents about what to expect and how to prepare. I've done a few programs and have been involved in a couple others. Here is what we've done...


Program Cover:

Great to be Eight Program (sample):

Explanation of the program:

"Your Big Day! & Tour": We would do the baptism preview at the Stake center where the font is.  We would bring a white jump suit to show the children and explain that we would provide them with this to wear for their baptism. Then we would show them the font and show the girls the girl dressing room and the boys the boy dressing room. Show and explain to the parents the handout, here's the link: "Get Ready for Your Baptism"  I also usually had a paper with all of the candidates names on it and their proposed baptism date and time.

Faith in God Presentation:  Bring the Faith in God book for Girls and the Faith in God book for boys. Show them and discuss the Faith in God program with them.

Activity Days Presentation: The Activity Days leader introduces herself. Tells when they meet for activity days and tells about and/or shows some activities the girls have completed throughout the year.  When I was activity days leader I brought a journal that the girls had made at an activity and also a hair clip we had made. I also told them about some other fun activities we had done.

Cub Scout Presentation: The Wolf leader introduces her or himself. Tells when they meet for cub scouts. Brings the Wolf book, cub scout shirt and neckerchief. Tells a little about the program and some activities they do. (our cute cub leader the past two years brought a little treat/handout for the boys also)

Candidate Spotlight: A week or two before hand give the parents the Candidate Spotlight printable to fill out and turn back into you.  Then at the baptism preview you will invite one kid up at a time to spotlight them. Telling everyone about them by using the answers that were provided.  Here is the link to the printable: "Candidate Spotlight".

One the same night, we also held our Priesthood Preview.


  1. I am not able to download the Great to be 8 invitation and program. I did a screen shot and it comes out very light. I want to take them to print. Can you tell me where is the free printable. I also want to type on it. Thanks.

    1. Eva, thanks for your comment! I just added some links to the downloads. If that doesn't work for you, leave me another comment or send me an email and I can email them to you. Thanks!! You will be able to type on them in software such as photoshop, pic monkey and

    2. Thank you, Kim. I was able to download them. I purchased photoshop but have not tried it yet. I love the colors and want to thank you for sharing them.

  2. Thank you so much for this. As a first time primary president, i had no idea what "Great to be 8" or "Priesthood Preview" was. I never attended anything such thing with my children. This helped immensely, thanks!

  3. Kim I love you blog!!! I was trying to download your great to be 8 program as a pdf to make changes to it. I am probably missing the link could help? Or if you could send it to

    1. So sorry I am just getting back to you!! There is a pdf download and a jpeg download. To edit the jpeg you will just need to save it to you computer and then open it in photo editing software.


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