LDS Primary Aged Child Baptism Ideas

One of my favorite things when I was Primary President was the baptisms! I loved interviewing the primary children and looked forward to attend their baptisms.  I meant to post this a while ago before I was released, but times get busy.

Here are some ideas and free printables I used:

Baptism Interview Sheet:

Baptism Towel and Poem:

Faith in God Introduction:
When I would do my baptism interviews I would take a Faith in God Book.  I would then talk to the baptism candidate about the Faith in God program. Explaining that it is something they can begin working on when they turn 8 years old. That they will work on some of the activities in Activity Days or Cub scouts.  They can also work on the requirements and activities at home.  I would go over the basic requirements and then show them the three categories. And explain that they should work on at least two activities in each category a year.  They also will need to memorize and pass of their Articles of Faith and write their testimony. When they turn 11 they can work on the requirements for "Preparing for Young Women" or "Preparing for the Priesthood".  For the boys I also show them the activities that have the "Religious Knot" next to them, and explain that those requirements are what they will need to pass off to receive their "Religious Knot" in cub scouting.

Baptism Day Handout:

Baptism Program Cover:

Baptism Program:

Here is a link to an editable Baptism program: Editable Baptism Program

*** Please Note that this link is shared with everyone who has the link. My suggestion would be that before making any changes or editing the program that you Make a Copy and save it to your own Google Drive (making sure you only share it with whom you would like to share it with) ***

Closing Baptism and Confirmation Sheet: (In our Stake we meet all together for the opening and the talks and then we break into wards for the baptism and confirmation. This is the sheet I came up with for the baptism, confirmation and closing.)


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  2. Thank you for sharing this! It was exactly what I have been looking for!

    1. I am so glad that it was helpful! Thanks so much for commenting :)

  3. Do you have the baptism towel poem available in a different size? I would like to get at least 4 to a page if possible. If so, could you email it to me at please?


    1. Yes Robyn I just added it above, I will also email it to you :)


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