A HUGE list of Christ Centered Christmas Family Home Evenings!

One of my favorite things each year is to have Family Home Evenings that focus on the Savior. That is why we have have Christmas, is to celebrate the birth of or Savior, Jesus Christ.  I thought I would share a list of some of my favorite Family Home Evenings for Christmas time.

These Sharing Time ideas could be easily used as Family Home Evenings:

Other ideas that could be used as part of Family Home Evening:

Snowflakes are Unique and So Are We

Another great idea to kick off the season is tonight watch the video A Savior is Born. Then each day this month, watch the videos that will be shared on the  #ASaviorIsBorn page. Here is the link: A Savior is Born: Discover Why we need a Savior.  As a family think of ways you can share the message of Jesus Christ during this time of year.

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