Service Opportunity for December

In December it seems like there are a lot of opportunities out there to provide service.  So much sometimes that it might be a little over whelming. The key is to just do what you can and you will be blessed for doing that.  Here are a few ideas of ways that you can serve:

  • Help a neighbor prepare or deal with the cold weather (shoveling snow, winterizing yard, etc)
  • When making Christmas treats make up an extra plate and visit someone who is alone.
  • Treat others with kindness, especially at this busy time of year. It is amazing how just a friendly smile and a "Happy Holidays" can be a service to someone.
  • Schools are always in need of volunteers.
  • Do a small "sub- for- santa", drop off some groceries to someone who is in need.
  • With it being cold weather I am sure the homeless shelters are always in need of donations.
  • There are many many more things that you can do! Just think of something and then act upon it.
**Remember it is the thought that counts! Just do what you are able. Try to make someone's holiday a little bit nicer.

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