Building a House of Learning Activity for Come, Follow Me Sunday School, Family or Primary

 Building a House of Learning Activity for Come, Follow Me Sunday School, Family or Primary,

I got asked to teach my son's Sunday School class this week. Teaching the gospel is one of my favorite things to do!! As I began studying the lesson, I was a little overwhelmed to tell you the truth. There is so much to this lesson and things that you could go pretty deep into. The thought came to build a house. So, that's what we are going to do. Using the scriptures that are found in Doctrine and Covenants 88, we are going to talk about what the Lord says about building a house of learning.

I created a printable house that will be a puzzle. Click the free download below, print the house onto card stock, then flip it over in your printer to print the scriptures on the other side. After both sides have been printed on you will cut the house out and then cut the scriptures to form puzzle pieces. 

During the lesson, you will pass these puzzle pieces out to the class members and as them to look up the scripture on the back. Have them read the scripture and think about what the Lord is telling them about how to build a house of learning. Then invite class members one at a time to read their scripture to the class and then tell the class what from that scripture can help us build a house of learning. Then they will place the puzzle piece on the board with some masking tape. Continue with each class member. As they place their puzzle piece on the board they are trying to build the house. 

Reiterate that one of the things that the Lord says is for us to teach one another. Invite the class members to continue to teach one another by sharing their thoughts, testimonies and insights during the rest of the lesson.

Also, before you hand out the puzzle pieces, you could talk about how the revelation in Doctrine and Covenants 88 is for the Elders to establish the school of the prophets. Which will help them learn and prepare for their service and ministry.

Okay, so here is the front of the printable, the house:

Here is the printable for the back, the scripture references. Print these on the other side of the house:

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