How Decorating Our Homes With Pictures of Christ, Brings More Peace Into The Home

This post is sponsored, all thoughts are 100% my own, I was given the picture. See full disclosure.

 I was recently, asked to choose a picture that depicts motherhood to me. The picture I chose was, Come and See. The reason I choose it, was because, as a mom of three teenage boys, I want the Savior to be their focus. In the picture the Savior is standing with an outstretched hand beckoning to come unto Him. I want my children to come unto Christ in all that they do. I want them to know of the love that their Savior has for them personally. That He is always their with an outstretched arm to welcome them in an lift them up.

Let me be very upfront with you! I am not an interior decorator, nor is iy one of my passions or something I think I am very good at. I'm not one to follow the fads of the world, especially when it comes to decorating my home. I usually decorate with things that have meaning to me.

I have several pictures of Christ throughout my home. Those pictures, remind me of my Savior and they bring peace into my home. They help me throughout my day, as I see them, to focus on my Savior. I have a picture hanging over my fireplace that is one that I remember from my childhood. It is of the Savior with the little children, looking right into one of the children's faces. I had a smaller picture of this hanging in my room as a child and I remember looking at it and thinking about what it would be like to be that child. I remember feeling that my Savior loves me, just like that little child in the picture.

In my entry way, I have a beautiful picture that is just of the Savior's face. That picture just feels me with the Savior's love when I look at it. It also brings me peace. I know that our Savior is merciful and kind, I love Him so much.

This latest picture that I received from Havenlight, is one we choose to hang in our bedroom above our bed. It is such a beautiful, calming picture. This morning when I woke up and got out of bed, I had the glimpse of it and had this feeling, that the Savior is watching over me. I am so grateful for this reminder. I need that! Life has been a little overwhelming lately. You think that summer would be relaxing, but man, I have had so much that I've had to do since summer has started. So much that it is starting to get a little bit overwhelming. I know that my Savior is there and understands! I know that He will be their to prop me up, strengthen my and help me to accomplish all of those good things that I have to do.

Havenlight it amazing and they are offering my followers a 20% discount. Use discount code, LifesJourneyToPerfection. Here is the link to the beautiful picture that I purchased: Come and See There are several sizes. The one that I have hanging above my bed is, white framed 18x12 canvas. 

Tip: My husband is awesome and even bought this nifty little tool to make sure that it was hung just perfectly.  It made hanging the picture so slick. I believe he found it on Amazon. Email me if you have questions or would a link to it.

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