"Holy Cow" End of School Year Printable Tag and Gift Idea

 "Holy Cow" End of School Year Printable and Gift Idea,

This was quite a year!! I think our kids, teachers and parents have been remarkable. With being on three PTA/PTO boards this year, I've heard about a lot of the struggles and all I can say is, Holy Cow, we all made it!

I love to give my kids something at the end of the year, just to let them know how proud I am of them and all of their hard work throughout the year. I saw these Cow Tails, which my kids love and knew that I would do something geared around that. There was no better fitting word for this year then, "Holy Cow"!

On mine, on the back of the tags, I wrote a personal message to each of my kids. I punched a whole in the corner and tied it onto the bag of candy with some jute. They are boys and all have told me that they don't care if thing are pretty. If it was a girl I probably would have used some cute black or red ribbon, and made them super cute. But the jute is fun too!

These would also be fun to give to the teachers, because man, this year they had to deal with online and in person teaching, re-work their class room and lessons around social distancing, be a mask police, teach while wearing a mask, worry about getting sick, have a shortage of subs, deal with unhappy parents, the list goes on and on. It is why at both our High school and junior high, we focused each month on showing appreciation to our teachers!

Here's the printable, just click the free download button to download and print it. I like to print my tags out onto card stock. I found the candy at the dollar store, but I'm sure you could find it at any grocery store. Also, I made that tags the perfect size that they could be used to put on a bag of candy, or you could do the long individual cow tales as well, if you were going to give it to lots of kids, like a class.

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