A List of Fabulous Young Women Activities for the Fall

Check out below for Fabulous Young Women Activities for the Fall

There are so many fun things that the young women can do for their activities!! I've listed some that I came up with below....

Witches Brooms and Service

This was such a fun activity! For this activity we made broomsticks out of two paper lunch sacks, tissue paper, a stick, candy, ribbon and this printable. Here's the instructions I used to make the broom. We also put tissue paper inside to give it some volume and then put some candy in it. We had the girls give them to their Sunday School Teachers. They wrote thank you notes and delivered them onto their porches.

Notes to your "Mummy"

Mom's love to get letters of appreciation, especially from their young women! For this activity, the girls will make candy box mummies or the 2x4 mummies below. Then they can make cards and write notes to their own "mummies" aka moms. This will be a sweet treat for their moms to receive!!

Lets speak Frankly, while making Frankie

This would be a great activity to talk about the Standards of the church. For this activity while the girls make this simple Frankenstein craft, let them ask questions about things such as dating, entertainment and media, dress and appearance, or any other standards from the For the Strength of Youth. 

How We Can Recognize and Listen to the Holy Ghost

This would be a fun activity to make a fun Ghost decoration craft and discuss the importance of recognizing and listening to the Holy Ghost. Here are the instructions to this simple cheese cloth/gauze ghost. 

Service Blankets

We actually have made blankets a few times for an activity.  Here's my big tip.... purchase two fleece blankets from Walmart (the ones that are just over $2), it is cheaper than purchasing fleece. Unless you can get the fleece on a super good sale.

To make these blankets:

Undo the stitching that is around the edge of the blankets. This can easily be done by snipping a piece of the thread and pulling it out.

Next, place the two blanket on top of each other, aligning them the best you can, with wrong sides together.

Next step, you will cut up 2 1/2 to 3 inches every inch, the whole way around the blankets, cutting through both layers.

Then, tie the two blankets together forming a knot (so, you will tie and then tie again, making the knot). Do this the whole way around the blanket.

For one activity we gave the blanket to one of our YW leaders that was having a baby. For the other activity, I asked the girls to think of someone that could use a little extra love and comfort in their lives. This was really neat, the girls I believe truly looked outside of them selves and listened to the promptings of the spirit and gave the blankets to people that they knew. It meant so much to these people.

Corn Maze & Navigating the Maze of Life

One year we found a local corn maze that was pretty inexpencive and took the girls. Afterwards we had hot chocolate. Here is what my feelings were that night and I wish we had discussed this with the young women: "As we went thorugh the corn maze I saw these girls serve and watch out for each other as wellas us leaders, making sure everyone made it out of the maze okay. Isn't that a great lesson of life too?? This life sometimes can be like a maze, at times we may feel lost, we might make a wrong turn, or keep going around in circles not feeling like we're progressing. As we were in the maze we saw the beacon flashing we knew it was close, we knew if we kept our eyes on it we could make it through. This can be likened to keeping the Savior a priority in our life, using the atonement  and alwasy keeping the destination of eternal life in our sights. We did not make it compoletley ouf of the maze until come of our girls came back to find us and help us find the way. Sometimes we will need to be that firned that helps another find the way and sometimes we will be the onew who will find the love of a friend steering us to the right direction. What I love is that we are in this together to help each other out, to make sure everyone reaches the destination!

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