Halloween Craft #4- 2x4 Frankie

Today's Halloween craft is one I did a few years back. He is super cute, super easy and lets face it pretty inexpensive to make.

Here is Frankie, my 2x4 creation.

What you need:
- A 2x4 cut to about 4-5 inches in length
- 2 screws & a screw driver
-Craft Paint (2 different colors of green, white, brown and black)
-Paint Brushes
-Sand paper
-Beauty sponge and black or brown ink
-Clear Coat Spray

How to make a Frankie Creation:
Cut your 2x4. Then you will need to sand it.  I don't worry about getting it too smooth. Next, paint the entire block the lighter color of green. When it is dry. Use a paint brush and some black paint and paint on the hair. I just randomly made some jaggedy hair lines. In the back the hair line is a little lower, basically even with how far down the sides are. Next, use the darker green and a thin paint brush and pain on the eye brow line. It is basically midway of the block and goes from one side to the other with a slight curve. Now, outline the eyes with black paint and a thin brush. Fill in the eyes with white paint. Then, make the pupils with black paint and use the end of the paint brush and make a dot in each with white paint.  Now it is time for the nose.  Use the darker green paint.  Make a squiggly mouth with black paint, dotting the ends.  Give him some stitches with some brown paint up on his forehead.  Now just rough him  up a little bit with the beauty sponge dipped in the ink, around the edges.  Time to give him his bolts- Just screw the screw in on each side.  If you are having a hard time with it, you could pre-drill some holes with a drill and then screw them in.  Another tip is you can rub the screw on a bar of soap before you start to screw it in this is supposed to make it go in easier. Try to make them the same distance up from the bottom.  Spray him with a clear coat, let him dry and then enjoy!

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