Primary Sharing Time week 4 -When I Serve other, I Serve God - Free printable

It's that time of year again, when we are busy getting ready for the Primary's Sacrament Meeting program.  In our Primary this Sunday, we are using up most of the time practicing our music for the program. So, here is just a little idea for a sharing time.  

Begin, by handing out a paper to each child.  See handout above (cut in half and give to children).  Have the children say, "When I serve others, I serve God", all together.  Then ask them to think of people that they might be able to serve and then think of specific ways of how they can serve that person.  Give each child, crayons or pencils and ask them to draw or write about how they can serve somebody else.  When they are finished, ask a few children if they could share what they drew or wrote.  Ask them to take these papers home and share them with their family. Also, ask them throughout the week to serve at least one person. Follow-up next week.

This could also be done for a FHE. 

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