Take Care Tuesday- Getting Organized Week #3- Kid Chores Door Hanger free printable

Organization not only includes our schedule, but also helping our kids organize theirs.  I find myself getting my kids out the door for school and starting my day of chores and finding they haven't made their beds.  Then, comes my dilemma, do I make it for them, so my house can be clean, or do I wait for them to come home and have them do it then?  I really want them to be able to do their own chores, so I decided to come up with a little door hanger chart for them.  It has their morning chores. Things they need to get done before leaving for school. And then it has their evening chores.  Things they need to accomplish once they come home.  I am hoping that it will help them become more responsible of the things I have asked them to do as part of our family.  When everyone does their responsibilities then the home can run smoother, be more organized and be a happier place to be.

There are two printables.  The first one has what I am planning on hanging on my children's doors. I am printing them off on card stock and then laminating them.  (note: cut on the dotted line and then cut the circle out.)  They can either use an erasable marker to mark off their chores as they accomplish them or I might give them some stickers that they can put on them.  With it being laminated I should be able to remove the stickers each day. I'll have to post later what I find works best. My children have weekly chores that I have them do. They correlate with the chores I do on each specific day.  On Saturday, I am planning on having a jar with a bunch of different things that need to get done.  They can pick a chore out of the jar and that will be their chore that day.  The second printable is blank that you could add your own chores to.  Let me know if you use these and how they work.  I will also post how it goes with my kiddos.

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