"Ponderize" Scripture Week 1: 1 Nephi 3:7

Yep, I am hopping on the band wagon, I guess you could say. But really, I like to think of it that I am deciding to have a "higher place for thought to go", as Elder Durrant said in his General Conference talk this weekend.

Here's the PLAN... Join in if you'd like...

Choose the Scripture:
When I was trying to decide how I would choose scriptures, I decided that I would do the Book of Mormon Mastery Scriptures.  I loved doing these as a youth and grew so much, I decided that it was about time I do them again.  It's great because they are all chosen for me, they have "Context", "Doctrine or Principle" and "Application" to get me thinking. Here is a link to the Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery List.

Decide on How you are going to Display it:

I have these super cute post it notes that a friend had given me as a gift that I thought would be perfect to write my scriptures on.  So, that is what I am planning on doing, I will write them on the sticky notes and display them in my bathroom. I will also take a picture of the note, share it on this website and on social media. Having it on my camera roll on my phone will make it readily available so I will be able to view it often.

Here is a link to more weeks of Ponderizing! Click Here to See More!
Read and think About It's Meaning & Share it!

Throughout the week, I will read it and think about the scripture and how to apply it into my life.  I am also going to share it!  I will be hosting a link-up party each Monday. Share and Get the word out so we can have lots of link-ups. I will also be sharing it all all of my social media platforms. I would love for everyone to join in and share!! Just think it is as easy as writing the scripture down on a piece of paper and snapping a shot of it. Or screen shot the scripture right on your phone. I'm excited to see what scripture you will be "ponderizing" and your thoughts about it! Also share your thoughts about the scripture I'm sharing.

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Link it up...

Thanks for joining in!!

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  1. This is GREAT, Kim! I will try to link up and share what scriptures we too are 'ponderizing'. This week we're focusing on the same as you, 1 Nephi 3:7. :) Thanks again!

  2. I've seen people "ponderizing" all over the internet this week. I haven't picked mine yet, but I need to do that!

  3. I love that scripture- it's a great one. Since my kids haven't picked yet I think I'll have them do this one. Thanks for the link up!

    1. Thanks Camille!! I love this scripture and love it even more now as I have been intentially pondering it 😊 I love that you're having your kids do it too!

  4. Moroni 10:32, I have decided to use the monthly primary scriptures (from the sharing time outline) as our monthly ponderizing scriptures as a family. Monthly seems plenty often for us right now :)

  5. I share your history in Spanish in http://meditizar.blogspot.com.co/2015/10/mi-primera-semana-meditizando.html , in the article in included your blog link. Have a nice weekend and thanks for share.

  6. It took my YW a couple of weeks to catch on to the "Ponderizing" so we used 2 Nephi 2:25 for 2 weeks. I picked it because it's a scripture mastery from seminary and it's short so it would be easy to memorize but it has such great meaning. This past Sunday I think they caught the vision and had comments on the scripture!! The scripture I picked for us this week is the 2016 Mutual theme - 2 Nephi 31:20.

    1. That is great!! I love that you are already getting them focused in on the 2016 Mutual Theme! :)


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