General Conference is over, NOW What???

This past weekend, we were uplifted and edified as the General Authorities and leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints addressed us during General Conference. As we listened with intent ears we were touched by the spirit and may have received person revelation and felt as though what was said was directed towards us personally.  Now that conference is over and we are back to our everyday lives, how can we apply and remember what has been said???

Here are some ideas:

Re-Read and Listen to the General Conference Talks!  We don't always get everything the first time around.  Sometimes it takes a second or third time or maybe even more to get what is intended for us. Sometimes while I am getting ready, cleaning the house or working on the computer I will re-listen to the conference talks.  Another great idea is to print a talk out and STUDY it. This way you can pray about it, read and study it and take notes right on the paper.

If you've taken notes during Conference, REVIEW THEM!  The must be some reason why you wrote down the things you wrote down.  Go through your notes and ponder what you wrote.

Have a Family Home Evening Reviewing one of the Talks:  I love doing this one!!! I already know what one we are going to review first. There is always at least a few talks that really stand out that I think will interest my children in a family home evening.  Here are some we have done in the past, to get some ideas flowing:

"Ponderize":  Don't you love this word that Elder Durrant introduced us to!! We can "ponderize"  a scripture each day as he suggested, there are already social media groups that have began to do this very thing.  I love how he spoke about scriptures being shared in a text message with family and friends. We are so blessed to live in a time that we have such a powerful influence in other peoples lives and they can have a powerful influence in our lives. Let's make these powerful influences be good powerful influences. Let's share our testimonies, scriptures, spiritual uplifting messages with those around us.  I personally am going to do just what he suggested! I'm going to write down a scripture to "ponderize" for the week. I'm going to post it on my blog and share little insights I have gained from that scripture throughout the week on my social media pages.

I hope that this article has inspired you to take action!! We have been blessed with amazing instruction and uplifting council. Let's not let it dissipate, lets make it a part of our lives and be better people because of it.

To re-listen, re-watch, and read the October 2015 General Conference talks click the following link:

(Note: The talks for the General Women's Conference are ready to be printed and read, I am sure the other talks from the other sessions will be out soon, keep checking back until you see them, in the mean time, listen or watch)

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