Easter or Mother's Day Gift: Who Doesn't Love Flowers!

I know Easter is now over, I still wanted to post what we gave our parents for Easter.  With Mother's Day approaching I was thinking it could even be an idea to show your mom some love.

For this gift, I purchased the plastic planter for $1 and the flowers were almost $4.  I did not pot them into the pot, but instead left them in the pot they came in from the store and then used two pieces of tissue paper, folded them in half and stuffed them in between the yellow pot and the flower pot.  I then cut a piece of fabric and tied it in a bow around the planter.  Then I printed out the little tag and tied it onto the bow.

Here are the printables:
Printing Tips: Click on the image and save it to your computer. Then print the image from your computer.

Easter Flower Tag:

Mother's Beauty Tag:

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