Spiritual Journal Entry #4: Viewing Each Other Through Our Father's Eyes

I don't know what it is about grocery stores, but they always seem to get me thinking.  The other day while I made a trip to one, I began pondering about PEOPLE... The question/thought came to my mind, What if I looked at each person with a special filter?  This special filter would have me look at everyone and see them the way our Heavenly Father sees them. It would help me see each person as a daughter or son of God, with the same divine potential. This filter would block out race, color, wealth or lack of, it would also block out faults and inadequacies. It would help me to see everyone as he sees them. I believed that as I started to do this it would change me, I would begin to treat others differently, better.  I knew that by seeing others this way, my love for them would deepen, it would become an unconditional love. I am in just the beginning stages of this and have already begun to have a deepened love for others and for my Father in Heaven.

This filter applies to all people, even our family members.  Sometimes they can be the ones we are the hardest on.  I was thinking about my boys. I can take things so personally with them and sometimes it seems like it becomes more about me than them. If for some reason they struggle at something, than I take that as my failure. Like I didn't do a good enough job, preparing them or teaching them. I do not think our Father in Heaven reacts this way. He sees each of his children's struggles and inadequacies as ways to strengthen us and help us draw closer to him.  So, if I am using his filter, I will see my children and husband as God's children, on there journey here on earth. My job is to lend support and love and help them on this path.  With this filter I would be able to see their struggles the same way Heavenly Father does and use them as a way to help strengthen them, and strengthen their relationship with their Father in Heaven and also there relationship with me. When I view my children, not as MINE, but as my Heavenly Father's children, I am less likely to yell and get upset with their short comings, and more likely to try to nurture them. Let me just say, I am a work in progress with all of this. My hopes are that each day, as I focus on seeing other's as God sees them, it will become easier and it won't take as much effort, it will become automatic.

This weekend I was reminded about the importance of each person, to our Father in Heaven. He knows each person. He knows each one of us individually. This past Sunday, I heard testimony of this from others and I have experienced the comfort and peace that comes from experiencing this myself.  It is so amazing to me to know that I have a Father in Heaven who is so perfect and that he knows everything about me. He knows my thoughts, he knows what is in my heart, he knows my struggles and he knows just what I need when I need it.  He loves me no matter what! That gives me so much comfort, to know that I am loved by someone unconditionally. The thing that makes this even more amazing is that he knows every person and loves every person unconditionally!

He loves us so much that he sent his eldest spirit child, his only begotten, to suffer such immense pain to pay the price for all of our pains, sorrows and sins. And then to experience more pain as he was mocked and was crucified and died.  As I have had time to ponder the love that both our Father and Savior have for all of us, I am overcome with emotions of gratitude. I am grateful for my Savior and elder brother! When I was little I always wished that I had an older brother. Now, I realize that I always have. He is the ultimate Big Brother! He is my advocate with the Father. I know he loves me, as he loves each one of us. He has always been the perfect example. My hope is that I can try each day to follow his example a little better! Love others and serve them, a little better each day!

After writing this and having a desire to put a great quote/printable on here, I came across this amazing article: The Power of God’s Love. By JOHN H. GROBERG, Of the Presidency of the Seventy. Found in the October 2004 General Conference.

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