Wisdom Wednesday- Workout Calendar Printable

Yes, I am still working out day, I just haven't been posting it.  I didn't know how many people really liked hearing about what I was doing. And I started to  repeat my workouts.  So, I have made this free workout calendar printable instead. It is more of a guideline of what I do. There is a line under each of the times so you can put what workout you would like to do.  I realize that not everyone has the same videos as I do and not everyone enjoys doing the same thing.  So you pick your cardio, sculpting, ab and leg routines.  Plan a head, be motivated, commit to it, keep the habit going, and enjoy it!  I know that for me there are certain moves that I really enjoy doing in a workout, so I look forward to those moves and really go full out and enjoy it when I get to them.

Here's the free calendar:

Some Cardio ideas:  Run/jog, walk(include an incline), bike, swim, dance, DVD it, Gym, Tennis, Make up your own (Jog, Jumping Jacks, Burpies, High Knees, etc)

Some Sculpting Ideas: DVD it, Gym, Free Weights, Machines, Resistance Bands,  Make up your own

Some Ab Ideas: DVD it, Gym, Make up your own (crunches, plank, hip lifts, bicycle, etc)

Some Leg ideas: DVD it, Gym, Make up your own (Pilates and toning exercise are great here)

Remember to be Safe!!!  Consult with a doctor to make sure you are okay to begin a workout. Do exercises with the correct form.  If you feel strain or injury stop and get things checked out.

I would love to hear what your favorite workouts are.  Please leave a comment!


  1. Thanks for this, maybe this will help me get serious about it!!!


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