Thrifty Thursday - Options for Flower Pots

It might be that you are sick of paying money every year for annuals and having them die, or it might be that you are tired of it coming to this time of year and your flowers not looking too good, or it might be that you don't want to spend the time watering everyday, or it might be that  your pot is in an area that doesn't get much sun.  What ever the reason there are options.  I like to decorate my flower pots all year long.  In the summer most of my pots are planted with the real stuff and I usually do annuals.  Though I might change in the future.  I have some perenial bushes in my bigger pots.  When it comes to fall, I like to decorate with silk flowers and leaves.  Winter I bring out the silk poinsettias and use pine garland to add a little extra.  There are options to decorating your pots all year long and you don't have to feel like your money is dying away. Don't get me wrong I do love live pots and will continue to plant them.  I am just saying there are thrifty options.

Here are some examples:

Here is a silk arrangement or fall.

And here is a spring/summer arrangement with metal flowers.

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