Take Care Tuesday - Finding Motivation and Overcoming Discouragement when Exercising

I find myself at times struggling to be motivated to do exercise. Sometimes it is due to feeling I don't have the time, sometimes it is feeling to tired, and sometimes it is discouragement of not having the results I should be having.  So, how do we motivate ourselves to exercise and overcome these discouragements?

Feeling like I don't have enough time:  I have found that I am more motivated when I find a time to exercise before the day gets too busy.  It is so much harder when I know I want to workout for an hour and I look at the clock and see that lunch time is in half an hour. So, for me working out is better if done 1st thing in the morning.  I am even thinking about getting up before the kids go to school to get my exercising in, but that would also mean I would need to start getting to bed earlier. You might have a different schedule than me. You might wake up early to go to work, too early to get an exercise in.  If that is the case then pick a time that is going to work for you, it might be as soon as you get home from work you exercise.

Feeling too Tired:  Ok, sometimes I feel this way and I can either give in and go back to sleep and still be tired.  Because I find when I do this then I still don't have energy.  Or I can get up and start exercising and gain energy.  I have found that if I can just start, then pretty soon my energy starts to build and I can keep on going.  It is the starting, that is the big deal!  Also, think about how great you feel after you exercise.  I love the feeling I get when I am done.  My body is awakened and emotionally I am re-energized.  It also gives you a great feeling of accomplishment after each workout.

Feelings of Discouragement:  So, my body is not perfect! After being pregnant and having three children my body has changed.  I have also noticed that as my body gets older it doesn't seem to want to change as quickly.  So, what to do?  Acceptance... accepting the fact that it is going to take more work.  I had heard something like this somewhere, sometime: that it has taken your body (insert number) of years to get this way, why should we think that we are going to change in a day or a week or even a month. I think we need to celebrate the little changes.  I know that when I start to see or feel changes then I am definitely more motivated.  Also I think we can not compare ourselves with others!!  I am guilty of this, sometimes I look at the girls on the exercise videos and think, I am doing the program, why aren't my hips and buns as tight as hers, why isn't my stomach as tight, etc.  Well, we all have different make-ups, every ones body is different.  So, take that discouragement and change it into encouragement.  Think about how healthy your body is getting every time you exercise.  Think about how you can use it to get your emotions and frustrations out.  Stay persistent and consistent.  If you start to question if all of the hard work is worth it, remind yourself that it is! Think about if there is anything your diet that is sabotaging your results, then decide to eat more healthy.  Try to make your body the best it can be, not the same as the girl on the video.

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