Wisdom Wednesday - 2 X 4 Fall/Halloween Craft

Ok, yes I know Halloween is still two months away.  But I thought I would get this post in any ways.  We were riding bikes today and you can just feel in the air fall quickly approaching.  This craft is super easy and so inexpensive.

Here's what you need:

-2x4 cut to length you would like, I think mine was probably cut to 4 1/2 inches
-scrap book paper
-thick button thread
-stamps and ink & foam beauty sponge
-spider web
-clear coat spray.
-sand paper
-mod podge & foam brush

Here is what I did:
After cutting the 2x4 I sanded all over the block of wood.  Next I painted the back of the wood and all of the sides and edges of the front with orange craft paint.  Then I cut my scrapbook paper to the size of the block and Mod Podged it on.  After letting it dry for a little bit.  I then sanded the edges.  Tip: Sand outwards. If you sand inwards then the paper will catch and you'll end up with some tears.  You can also sand some of the front of the scrapbook paper if you'd like, it just gives it a little aged look.  After sanding, then take a foam wedged beauty sponge, dab it in the black ink and distress the egdes and any where else you have sanded.  Next cut your fabric into a body of a spider and cut your thread into strips for the legs.  Now it is time to just be creative.  Place your legs on first, 4 on each side.  You could just cut 4 long pieces of thread and since your body is going over it there will end up being four legs on each side. I just put some mod podge on them and placed them on so they looked like spider legs, then I mod podged the body of the spider onto the legs.  Now it's time to add some lettering.  I used stamps and stamped the word spider onto the block.  Then I used some spider webbing that I had in my Halloween supplies and just started pulling it from corner to corner around the block.  Lastly spray with the clear coat.  And there you have it a supper easy, inexpensive Halloween decoration. 

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  1. Hi Kim! I was on your Pinterest page getting some preschool ideas and saw that you had a link to your blog...it's really cute! You have some fun ideas on here! Thank you :)


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