September Primary Sharing Time 2013- Week 1 "Jesus Christ Taught Us How to Serve Others"

Here's an outline for this week's Primary Sharing Time:

Start the sharing time by having a bunch of pictures of Jesus up on the board.

Here is where you can find the pictures:

1- Jesus Christ Blessing the Nephite Children

2- Jesus Healing a Child

3- Jesus Healing the blind

4- Jesus Washing Apostles Feet

5- Jesus Healing the Sick

Discuss each picture with the children.  Talk about what Jesus is doing in each picture.  Then ask them what all of the pictures have in common. (A. Jesus showing us how to serve)  Put the below print out on the board:

Have the children repeat, "Jesus taught us how to serve others", together.  Explain that we are going to play a little game of charades.  

Have the Service hearts up on the board, pick a child to come up and and choose a heart.  Then have the child act out the phrase on the heart.  The rest of the children will guess what it is.  Continue having a child come up and pick out a heart and act out until finished.  Explain that Jesus Taught us by example how to serve other people.  That we should look for ways to serve others just like Jesus did.

Bear your testimony on Jesus teaching us how to serve others.

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