Take Care Tuesday - Set a Little Reminder for Yourself

I was thinking what a great way would be to help myself remember how important the things I  do are.  Something that could lift me up.  That is when I decided that I would use my phone and set a reminder on there.  I have it come up every day at the same time.  It beeps just like all of my reminders and I have to check it off too.  This is the message that I put on for myself: "You are a daughter of God, a mother of princes, and a wife to a potential king.  You are smart, you are beautiful, you are important  and what you  are doing is important.  Remember to be the mom your children deserve to have."  Okay, so it is a little pep talk to myself, so when I get going through my busy day and I feel overwhelmed.  I can remember who I am and my great purpose.  Actually when I read it each day I get a little smile.  I don't know if the smile is from the words I am reading or that the smile is that I think it is funny that I set myself a reminder.  Whatever the reason, it works! I know at times I get hard on myself, I do not feel like I am the smartest or most creative. At times I  look at myself and do not think I look that beautiful.  I think as individuals, especially women we are great at pointing out all of our faults, things that others do not see.  So, for me this helps me put everything back into perspective.  That yes, I am a daughter of God and can do amazing things with his help.  I am a mom to little boys whom I am helping to follow the right path so they can reach their divine potential.  Same as with being a wife, trying to work together to achieve our divine potential.  Yes, even though I don't feel smart at times, I am.  Even though I have flaws, I am beautiful.  I am important, what I am doing to help raise my children is a very important thing.  And I do need to constantly remind myself that my children are on loan to me from my Heavenly Father, they are his spirit children.  I need to raise them, teach them and love them the way they deserve and the way my Heavenly Father would want me to.

Everyone has an important role in their lives.  Yours may differ than mine.  It is great to reflect on yourself and your role and then constantly remind yourself of your importance!  Try it...give your self a reminder.

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