Wisdom Wednesday - Happy Family Helper

I came up with this idea of a reward system for my kids, to try to help them have good behavior. It is called "The Happy Family Helper", because really that is what they are doing when they have good behavior, they are helping our family be happier.  The idea is, every time they are caught doing something good, like doing all of their chores without being asked, helping one of their brothers do something that is hard for them to do, etc. then they receive a "Happy Family Helper" ticket. What are the tickets for?  Well, I've made a chart and this is where they get to make some decisions.  I have a container with some treats.  They can spend their one ticket and get a treat or... they can save their ticket and when they have two they can turn them in for a special activity...or they can put their ticket into the monthly drawing for a prize (this could be changed to a weekly drawing or twice a month drawing).  This is where a few toys or prizes are needed.  You are welcome to my free printouts or use the idea and make your own.  Let me know if you try it and what you think or if you have any other ideas you have tried.

 I also have on here, "I'm Bored Ideas", because they can have a million toys in their rooms and will still come and say that they are bored.  So my motto is..."When you're bored and don't know what to do, pick something or I'll find a chore for you!"

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