Take Care Tuesday - My Favorite Workouts

I have a love, hate relationship with working out!  I love the feeling I have after accomplishing a workout, I love the energy it gives me, I love pushing myself in a workout, I love the health and physical benefits of working out.  I hate when I feel too tired to workout and I hate when I feel like I don't have time,  those are the times that I have to remind myself what I love about working out.  I personally enjoy doing workout videos.  I have never really been one to enjoy going to the gym.  At home don't have to waste the time traveling and finding a babysitter.  I can just pop in a video and get the sweat on.  So, what videos have I found work the best for me?

For low impact I enjoy Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, and Brazillian Butt Lift.  Notice I say low impact not low intensity.  I believe that you can push yourself in any workout and have high intensity. Low impact means that there is not as much jumping involved.  

Turbo Jam:  I love Chalene Johnson, she is so upbeat and motivating.  I love the music and I love that every video is a total body workout.  I also find the people in the workout video are inspiring, they are normal people who have done the workout and it has worked for them.  What to expect?  Turbo Jam is a kinda of dance mixed with kick boxing.  There is a lot of punching, kicking and shaking it.

Hip Hop Abs:  This is another workout that has some danciness to it.  You are working your abs the entire time you work out.  The videos are not as long, around 30 minute range.  

Brazillian Butt Lift:  This video focuses a little bit more on toning exercises of the butt and abs.  It has fun music and gives you that Latin flare.

For more high impact I love, Turbo Fire and Insanity.

Turbo Fire:  Love this workout!  Actually it is what I am currently doing.  I love the music, I love Chalene's positive attitude, I love the intensity and the total body workout.  I am pouring with sweat after every workout.  I push myself during every workout, I look at the people in the video and try to be just as intense.  It has some dance element, the music makes you want to dance anyways.  It has a lot of punching which is great from the whole upper body.  It has some kicking, running, squatting,lunging and jumping that is great for the lower body.  And really you are working and engaging your abs the entire time.  There are some fire drills involved in a lot of the workout.  When you hear the alarm you go at full intensity, pushing yourself as hard as you can four a minute.  It's great.  I love hearing the stories from some of the people on  there.  It is so motivating and helps you think if they can do it and get the amazing results I can too.

Insanity:  I like Shawn T. more in this video then I did in the Hip Hop Abs.  He is so intense and gets you to push yourself.  I would say this is a very athletic, intense workout. I always tell people that the 10 minute warm up he does is what most other workout videos whole workout is.  Each time you do it you push yourself to the max.  I think it is important to track your progress in this workout.  It helps you to push even harder.  

Between Insanity and Turbo Fire, I can't say I like one more than the other.  They are two different workouts designed by two different trainers.  Both are high intensity and high impact, both are very athletic workouts that will leave you out of breath at times and covered in sweat. 

What ever workout you chose it is important to remember that you will get out of it what you put into it.  Push your self, but also beware of your physical limitations.  If something starts to hurt ease up, you do not want to get an injury.  Check with your doctor to see if there are any limitations you may have.  Motivate your self to do it every day.  I have one day that I don't do a work out and that is Sunday. Once you start the workout then you'll enjoy it, it is just taking that first step to doing it.


Decide: Decide you want to be healthy, so you are going to workout and be active.

Commit:  Make a commitment to yourself that you are going to workout a certain amount of time and how many days a week.  Make a schedule of the workout that you are going to do and stick to it.

Endure:  At times you are going to feel like you are too tired to workout or that you do not have enough time.  Push through those thoughts and do the workout.  You will never regret doing the workout, but you will regret if you don't do it.

Succeed:  Get excited about your successes!  Every time you make it through a workout get excited, every time a workout gets a little easier, because you are getting stronger be excited.  Get excited as you gain more energy and as you feel and see your body getting tighter.  Every advancement is a success and you need to be excited about it and let it motivate you!

All above workouts can be found on Beach Body.

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