Thrifty Thursday - Simple Framed Art

This is so easy and thrifty!  All you need is a frame, scrap book paper, some little embellishments or graphics and Mod Podge.

Mine is a 5x7 frame.  So, first I cut a piece of card stock to 5x7 (the mustard color is my card stock).  Then I started to randomly cut scrapbook paper that were ordinating colors.  This is where scrap pieces could come in handy.  I layed out all of my scrapbook pieces and my images on my card stock, arranging them how I thought they'd look good.  Then I started Mod Podging them on.  When all pieces are attatched to the card stock cover the who'll thing with Mod Podge.  Allow to dry, when completely dried place in the frame and you have a new decoration for your walls or table.  Good places to find inexpensive frames: Walmart most dollar stores, second hand stores like Deseret Industries or United Way.

I love making things because they are one of a kind!

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