A few month's ago I had this thought that I needed to write cards to my kids and leave them with a treat on their beds. I remember sometimes my mom would leave little notes on my bed growing up and how it made me feel. So, I made these smiley face cards and wrote some personal messages in them of how wonderful I think they are.

I didn't do everyone's in the same day. I kind of did it when I felt each child needed it. Each of them were grateful and I hope that it made their day just a little bit better!

These cards could be used in a sunshine basket. A basket filled with yellow items. It could be given to a friend or family member. Anyone that you feel just needs their day brightened or to know how great you think they are. Some other great ideas would be using them for a youth or primary activity. Write cards to someone in the ward that they look up to an make a treat to go along with it. Maybe even some smiley face cookies. You could also use the cards for you ministering sisters. There are so many options!

I am a huge advocate for serving each other and striving to make others happy. It not only blesses the lives that you serve, but service makes us happy as well.

I have two designs. The first has the wording "You're the Best" on it, the other just has the smiley face. Both downloads can be accessed and printed below, by clicking the free download links:

You're the Best Smiley Face Cards:

Blank Smiley Face Cards:

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