A Super Fun Activity for Singing Time, with Printables! Punch it Activity

 A Super Fun Activity for Singing Time, with Printables! Punch it Activity,

I'm finally getting around to posting about this!! Around a year ago our Stake and Wards were reorganized. Actually, a whole new stake was created and three stakes were reorganized. We were put into that new stake and joined a new ward. While callings were being filled, the bishop asked me to cover singing time in primary for a few weeks. I gladly accepted. One of the week's we did this fun activity to help the primary children review the songs they had been learning that year.

This fun activity, could be used at home or in the primary setting where it is safe to do so. In our stake we will be going back to second hour classes on Mother's day, which everyone is super excited about!

To create the punch it board you will need the following items:

A trifold board- I purchased mine at the Dollar Tree. It was the perfect size because it was easy to transport because it wasn't too big and it fit the cups perfectly.

Cups- I used paper colored cups which I purchased at Walmart

Tissue Paper- I did the same color as the cups, this was also purchased from the dollar store

Hair Elastics- I purchased these from the dollar store as well

Glue Gun & Glue sticks


Paper- I used some red card stock paper for the hearts

Song Printable (See Free Download Below)

To Make The Board:

First, you will need to measure out where to place the cups evening on the board. 

Next, you will hot glue your cups to the board on the places you have marked.

Then place your papers into each of the cups.

Cut out squares from the tissue paper, enough to cover the cups and come down the sides. I'm not giving measurements, because I am not sure what size your cups will be. Measure the opening on the cup and add 4 inches to the measurement. So if your opening was 3 inches, you would cut out a piece 7 by 7 inches. If that seems to big, you could make it smaller. To attach the tissue paper you will, place it on top of the cup and then place a hair thing on it. The elastic will go around the cup securing the tissue paper onto the cup. 

To finish it you can cut out stars, or hearts, or even make it a smiley face. For the hearts I used a heart hole punch and punched them out of red card stock. by you could easily just cut hearts out by yourself if you don't have a hole punch. 

The idea for the activity, is that a primary child will be chosen and they will come up and punch out one of the cups. Then they will pull out the paper. You will then review and sing the song. Make sure you invite the primary children to share with you what they get from the song, what is the doctrine found in the song, how can they apply those teachings into their lives? With singing time, I think the very most important thing is that the children are learning the gospel and learning how to apply it into their lives. If you'd like to hear more about that, I actually did a stake training on music here is the link: How to Teach the Gospel through Music in Primary

To choose the next person to come up you could do a few different things, you could have the first person to come up to choose the next person and so on. Or you could tell them that as they sing, you will be watching to see who is singing really good and they will get to come up. Or you could have someone who answers one of the questions come up.

Continue, until all the cups have been punched out, or until you run out of time. 

Click on the free download button below to download and print the printables for the choosing cards.

Thanks for stopping by!! 


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