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I decided to share some more Easter/Spring coloring pages this year! I love little bunnies and chick for spring. These coloring pages would be great to just keep the kids busy, to relieve some stress, to use for a family Easter party or to send to those you love! 

Get creative! Print them out on card stock or water color paper and use water colors to paint them. Get crafty and use craft supplies and clue to decorate them. Or just use them as a normal coloring page and use colored pencils, markers, chalk or crayons. You could also upload them into any coloring app. Just click to save the individual image in the download. 

Check out the designs below, all designs can be downloaded and printed for free by clicking the Free Download button at the bottom of the page.

Bunnies and carrots!! What color would you color your bunny?? We had bunnies growing up, mine was brown and its name was Ginger, my brother had a black and white spotted one. If you had a bunny what would you name it??

Baby chicks and flowers! I love that spring brings with is the new birth! How could you decorate these flowers? Would you use polka dots or stripes for their middles??

Carrots!!! What bunny doesn't love a good carrot!  What different techniques could you use to decorate this carrot??? Have you ever done dropper or marble painting??

We love to decorate Easter Eggs! It's one of our favorite traditions. You could do some fun things with these eggs!! Print enough out to color and then cut them out and do a fun Easter scavenger hunt around your house. Make up some clues that would lead to a final treasure.

You could use this fun Easter Coloring page as a place mat or an Easter sign!! Put one on each of your kiddos doors, then place cut out eggs around it with things you love about that child!

It's another bunny coloring page!! Print it out onto card stock, then cut out some pink bunny noses or use some pink pom pom and play Pin the Nose on the Bunny!!

Spring time!! Have you ever decorated a coloring page with dried beans or macaroni??  All you need is some glue. You could even pain them when you are done gluing them on and after the glue is dried. Just an idea? Personally, I like good old coloring, or watercoloring!

Another Easter egg that could be decorated and used for the scavenger hunt. Or you could do a drive by neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Place them in your windows. 

Another fun thing you could do with these coloring pages is print them out on card stock, laminate and have a fun cake/cookie/donut walk. Play some music and when the music stops everyone needs to stand on one. (Before hand write each thing on a piece of paper) Draw out one of the papers, whoever is standing on it, gets a treat!!

For all of these fun coloring pages click the Free Download button below!! If you are trying to print from a mobile device, make sure you have downloaded the Google Drive app. Printing does usually work best though when done from a PC. Just a reminder, these coloring pages can be used for personal use, please do not use for commercial purposes. 

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