Easter Coloring Pages for Any Age

Easter Coloring Pages for Any Age,

Who doesn't love a good coloring page!! I've noticed that my kids have been into coloring a lot lately. So I decided to make some color pages, I thought about even printing some out for General Conference, so they have something to color as they listen.

I loved how these ones turned out! There is a lot to color on these pages!

Easter EGGS!!! For some reason I have always loved drawing and decorating Easter eggs. Check out these four designs!

When I think about spring and Easter, I think about little bunnies and baby chicks! 

But truly the reason we celebrate Easter is because of our Savior, Jesus Christ! He has risen and lives again, making it possible for each on of us to be resurrected as well!

Click the free download below. You can print all of the pages or just print the ones you want. You could also click on an image in the download and save as a jpeg to your computer. You could open that up into a coloring program, my favorite is Procreate.

I'd love to see pictures of your colored pages, whether you color them digitally or with good old, pencils, crayons, water colors or markers! Use the hashtag #LifesJourneyToPerfectionColor. I'll highlight them on my InstaStories!

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