2 Great Easter Hunt Ideas for Youth and Families

Easter is such a fun time to go on Easter egg hunts!! I remember going to my Nana and Papa's house each year where they filled eggs with candy and coins and spread them out all over their backyard and sometimes the field too.  It is fun to continue this tradition with my own children, both at their grandparents and at home.

Easter Scripture Picture Scavenger Hunt

We recently had a very fun Young Women activity, put together by Rachelle Judson. It was a Picture Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt.  This egg hunt, was not to search for eggs filled with candy, rather scriptural clues about Easter. This activity could be used for youth groups, Family Home Evening or other family gatherings, etc. Here is what to do:

Before the activity, print out the printables so there is an answer sheet for each group and a scripture reference sheet. Cut the scripture reference sheet up and place each item into an egg. Number the eggs from 1-12 so they coordinate with the clues. Meet at where ever you want your home base to be. Split everyone into groups. We had five groups of 3-4 youth and a leader. Each group gets a basket filled with the 12 eggs and the sheet they can write their answers on. Each group will also need scriptures and a camera (we just used our cell phones). 

Each group will read their first clue and figure it out from the scriptures they will need to go to neighboring houses to find the item and take a picture of the item. (If you live in an area where the neighborhood would not be appropriate for such an activity. You could have the items only be found at leaders houses, or you could hide the items around the church or park.)  They will continue opening the eggs, reading the scriptures and finding the item and taking a picture. When they are finished they will need to meet back at home base.  Then you will be able to go through the answers and the pictures seeing which group got back first and got them all correct.  

After all groups have returned, go through each item discussing the significance to the Easter story. 

We concluded with the following video, "Because of Him"

You could serve bread or muffins and explain that the Savior is the Bread of Life!!

Family History Easter Egg Hunt

Another fun Easter Egg Hunt Activity could be a Family History Easter Egg Hunt!!  This is also part of the #MyForeverFamily Challenge for more info on this challenge click the following picture:

Here is my printable for the activity:

How fun would it be to get people excited about Family History!! I tell you, once you start and find something in Family History that interest you, you get this excitement and burning desire to do more!!  Another great part about it is you will be so blessed for doing so.

Here's some ideas of what you could do for your Family History Easter Egg Hunt:

Print the following printable out:

Cut out the eggs and place them in plastic eggs. Hide these eggs around your house or yard. Invite family members to go on an Easter egg hunt to find these eggs. Have everyone return to a place when all eggs are found. Invite family member's to open one egg at a time and finish the activity it states on the egg.  You will need a camera, a computer, a journal, a phone, and ingredients to make the favorite family food.  

It might be fun, beforehand to make these journal's for each family member so they can record their information in it. Click the picture to go to the link...


  1. I just want to thank you for the idea for this scavenger hunt. We did it tonight and my young women LOVED LOVED LOVED it!

  2. Can you help me better understand how to make this work at the church? I'm not understanding how the girls go about looking for the item? Am I hiding the item and they have to figure out which clue it goes to?

  3. your personal experienceMindfully using our emotions as data about our inner state and knowing when it’s better to de-escalate by taking a time out are great tools. Appreciate you reading and sharing your story, since I can certainly relate and I think others can too



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