A Missionary Centered Family Home Evening- Light The World

A Missionary Centered Family Home Evening- Light The World,

One thing that our family thought to do when we had family night last week was to Light the World, by sending letters to missionaries in our ward.

Tonight's, Family Home Evening focuses on missionary work and supporting our missionaries. Here is the outline:

Begin with a Family Prayer

Discuss any family business

Song: "We’ll Bring the World His Truth"

Begin lesson by showing the following video:  "Missionary Work"

Read the following scripture as a family: Doctrine and Covenants 18:15–16 Discuss how we can apply this scripture into our lives? Discuss how our Heavenly Father has asked us to build His kingdom here on earth. We do this as we share his gospel. We do this as we are good friends and good neighbors, and as we live the gospel and are good examples. Bringing more people into our Father's kingdom, brings us great joy!

Invite your family members to think about who they can invite to the sacrament meeting on December 23rd (this is for 2018).


Explain that we can also show our love and support to the full time missionaries in our wards. Give each of your family members a paper (see free download below for missionary stationary). Invite them to write or draw a letter to the missionaries, thanking them for their example and service.

Mail the letters to the missionaries, or take a picture and attach them to an email to the missionaries.

Close with a family prayer.

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