Sunshine Basket: For Those Who are Grieving

Items to put into a Sunshine Basket: For Those Who are Grieving

Last year, my littlest two kiddos had classmates/friends who lost their mother. It was such a sad thing, a bunch of us mom's got together and put some baskets together for them. Something that could give them comfort and let them know that their classmates and friends were thinking of them.

I designed these two signs to go in the baskets, (author of saying is unknown):

Print onto card stock. Cut wood to size, I used scrap particle board. Paint sides, back of board and a strip around the face of the board. Let dry. Then Mod Podge the printable onto the front of the board. I do a light coat on the board and a light coat onto the printable, not a heavy coat to avoid bubbling.  I used a credit card to smooth out any bubbles. You could finish by mod podging over the front to finish it off and spray the whole thing with a clear coat finish, I usually use a matte finish.

Here is the basket for the little boy and what I gathered to put in it:

Items in basket:
Loved Ones Sign
Everything Yellow....
Yellow blanket
Yellow Stuffed Toy with money for the movies
Yellow ball
Yellow stuffed pillow
Potato chips is a yellow container
Gum in a yellow container
Yellow Super Hero Journal
Yellow drink
Yellow snake toy
Yellow toy gun
Yellow toy car
Yellow play dough
Yellow fruit snacks

In such a sad circumstance it taught our children to have empathy and to serve their classmates. It helped them to be a little bit more sensitive to the thoughts, needs and feelings of others.


  1. When our son passed away we got a few of these. On his birthday we got one too.... they are my favorite and we try to give them now!!! Love all of these cute ideas for them!!!

    1. Thank you! I'm sorry about your son! I love that you try to give them out too :)


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