Movie Review: "The Stray" and What My Family Loved About it!

Movie Review of, "The Stray" and a little bit about what my family loved about it!

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My husband and I have had the opportunity to attend several pre-screenings or movie premieres, so when I had the opportunity to bring my kids along this time, I jumped at it! I knew that it would be a film they would love, of course they would, it has a dog in it!

The movie, "The Stray", is based on a true story, written and directed by Mitch Davis, the director of, "The Other Side of Heaven". It is about a family, like most who have trials and struggles within their family and life, when a stray dog named, Pluto, enters their lives and leaves a big impression on each one of them.

This is a great family film. Each one of us enjoyed it and learned from it! Here is what my family has to say...

For me, there are 5 "P" words that fit this movie well. They are,

In the show, Mitch had to learn the hard way the importance of getting our priorities in order. We can apply this same principle in life, what things are truly important in our lives, are we giving them our highest priority?

They are by far, a kids best friend and they have a sense that we can't even understand. The dog in the movie Pluto, brought so much to the family. He mended and brought happiness into the home. I would also like to add from my own experience with our family pup, that love and loyalty are attributes that flow from these faithful pets!

I could quite possibly say that protection was a big theme in the movie, especially when it came to "Pluto"! You'll have to watch the movie your self, and when you do, count how many times Pluto and protection came into play.

One of my favorite parts of this movie is when Mitch is leaving with the boys and "Pluto" on a little back packing adventure. His daughter is upset about him taking "Pluto" and is wondering who would protect them at home. Mitch has the perfect answer, that they each pray for each other and they will both be protected. Prayer is another theme of the film! Prayer is powerful! To communicate with our Father that lives in Heaven!!

On our way home from viewing this film, we were talking about how things don't just happen by chance. There is a plan! Pluto was a part of this families plan, I might add, a very important part of this family's plan. Our Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us, I really is quite remarkable to think about!

Make this a Family Home Evening!! Watch the movie, "The Stray". Then after the movie ask each family member what they learned from the film. Discuss with your family the things that each member learned. You could further discuss the power of prayer and Heavenly Father's Plan for each of us!

Finish the night off with a yummy treat, if you're not already too full from popcorn!

The film is opening up in select theaters on October 6, 2017, click here for more info on where you can view the film!


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