Relief Society Visiting Teaching Message Ideas for May 2017: April 2017 General Conference Talks

Relief Society Visiting Teaching Message Ideas for May 2017: 

My Thoughts:

General Conference is something I look forward to every April and October! It is so inspiring and motivating. 

We can keep that inspiration and motivation all year long! It is amazing the inspiration and direction we receive as we re-read and listen to the General Conference talks again. 

Hearing from the prophet is something I wait for every conference, to have that guidance and direction from a prophet of God is such a blessing. This past conference, it was particularly sweet to listen to our dear prophet. 

You know that in the brief moments the prophet can speak he is going to share with us those things that are of most importance. 

This past conference, President Monson spoke to the brethren in the Priesthood session about living a life of love, charity and kindness. It is something in our busy, competitive world, that we often forget. 

What essential counsel! We can make a difference, by recognizing that each and every person on this earth is a daughter or a son of our Father in Heaven. He loves them, as we show love, kindness and charity to each other, I am sure our Father is full of joy and smiling down upon us!

Then during the Sunday Morning session we were privileged to hear the prophet speak of the Book of Mormon and the importance of us studying from it each day.

I personally have a very firm testimony of the Book of Mormon. I know that we can receive revaluation and answers that we may have as we read. Things will stick out to us and thoughts will come to our mind.  

Try this experiment... think of a question and write it down. Then sincerely pray to your Heavenly Father. Thank him for the Book of Mormon and the Holy Ghost. Express your desire to be able to find the answer to that specific question. Close your prayer, then open up your Book of Mormon and begin to read. 

Having an open heart and mind and being sensitive to the spirit. Read until your receive your answer. I was asked to do this before a Youth Standard's Night and to share my experience. 

It was a very neat and spiritual experience. I testify that God hears our prayers and that if we are faithful and sincere in our scripture study we will receive answers to our questions.

How grateful I am for the leaders of our church and the revelations they receive for our day. May we take these next several months to study the words they spoke and receive revelation and guidance for our own lives. 


Sometimes it's fun to give our sisters something when we go and visit them! Here are some ideas:

With it being General Conference Talk Month, I thought it would be fun to put together a General Conference Inspiration Jar. The plan is, that each day you pull out a piece of paper, read the quote on there and be inspired for the day. 

Even better, read the quote and then record your feeling and impressions about it in your journal or on social media :)

Use the smaller pint jar and only 31 quotes it you are making it for just a month. Use the bigger quart jar if you are going to be using all of the quotes. There are 63 quotes.

A journal would be another great idea to go with it, so thoughts to be recorded.

Printout the printables onto normal copy paper. Then cut the quotes apart. Using a pencil wrap the papers around it, to make them spiral. Using the lid as a template, cut some scrapbook paper out and place on the lid before you screw it on.

For the label, print it out, then punch a hole in each corner. String some bakers twine through it and tie into a bow. 

I hope these ideas have been helpful. Really the most important thing is that your sisters know you care about them, that you are their friend :) If you'd like more Visiting Teaching Ideas follow my Visiting Teaching Pinterest Board

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